Dry Clean

We will try to fulfill your preferences such as beaded and flaky composite fabrics, products for wedding and e-commerce, design and manual cleaning products.

Leather and Fur

Regular cleaning to be done after each season will ensure that leather items remain in perfect condition for a long time.

Home Textiles

We offer a traditional dry cleaning service for hydrocarbons cleaning to completely get rid of the allergy problem, water washing for unpretentious tissues and even velvet curtains.


The cleaning process provides the original color protection of the product, recovers the fiber structure and thus makes the product pleasant to the touch, avoiding the draw.

Eco Dry Clean

At Your Life Anymore

We are using only natural silicone to clean all textiles, curtains, silk, cashmere clothes, fur, leather, suede leather and other items away from chemistry, with the latest equipment used by ECO Technologies, in harmony with European cleaning standards

We Care Nature

In the sense of responsibility towards nature, we do not use chemicals harmful to the natural environment and human health, we apply EPA standards. We use Green Earth technology to keep your clothes clean and bright for a long time.

What is Green Earth?

It is a next generation dry cleaning system that protects human health, clothing and nature, saving electricity and water at a high level.

Green Earth is Skin Friendly

Patented silicon technology does not pollute the environment. The air, water and soil will not harm. The skin is friendly, the skin is sticky and there is no odor. Thanks to the pure silicone it contains, it offers careful cleaning even in precious clothes like abi, fur, silk, leather and cashmere. Silicone cleaning also polishes the colors of the textiles and provides long-lasting use.

Green Earth, Technology of Future

Silicon produced from natural stone; Baby pacifiers, bottles, shampoos, hand cream, such as contact with the skin is one of the main components of many products.

It acts as a carrier (hydrophile) by interacting only with the stains. It is not flammable or flammable.

Trust Green Earth!

The special components of the Green Earth, as well as the cleansing, care for the fabric. There is no wear on fabrics, so fabrics look longer, newer and their colors stay alive.